Strawberry Malbec

473 mL Container

473 mL Container

Known for its plump dark fruit flavours and smoky finish, Malbec wine from South America displays hints of blackberry, plum, black cherry and finishes with sweet tobacco and leather. But who cares? This isn’t gelato for wine snobs, it’s for lovers of the beloved strawberry. Both flavours combine so nicely we think you’ll never want to have one without the other again.



Organic Coconut Milk • Organic Strawberry • Maple Syrup • Roasted Cashews • Organic Cane Sugar • Organic Hemp Seeds • Organic Guar Gum • Organic Carob Bean Gum • Beetroot Juice • Fleur de sel • Organic Chicory Fiber

May Contain: Other Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds