Punk Pistachio

473 mL Container

473 mL Container

Our pistachio gelato has real attitude, It is made from the select Sicilian, ripe, ancient pistachio seed stock that is even written about in the Bible. We use the best of the best and use a lot of it, so you can expect the equivalent amount of attitude. Oh, and the taste is to die for.



Organic Coconut Milk • Maple Syrup • Filtered Water • Organic Rice Syrup Solids • Sicilian Pistachios • Organic Rice Syrup Solids • Chlorophyll • Roasted Cashews • Organic Hemp Seeds • Organic Guar Gum • Organic Carob Bean Gum • Fleur de sel • Organic Chicory Fibre

May Contain: Other Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds