473 mL Container

473 mL Container

Don’t worry, No pandas were harmed during the making of this delectable gelato treat. We use our creamy, smooth Bourbon Vanilla base and swirl in generous doses of house-made chocolate ganache with a hint of activated charcoal for darker panda spots. This flavour is a hit with the kids but for for the whole family too!



Organic Coconut Milk • Maple Syrup • Filtered Water • Organic Rice Syrup Solids • Roasted Cashews • Organic Cacao Paste • Vanilla Extract • Organic Hemp Seeds • Wildflower Honey • Activated Coconut Charcoal • Organic Guar Gum • Organic Carob Bean Gum • Fleur de sel • Organic Chicory Fibre

May Contain: Other Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds