Dark Chocolate Truffle

473 mL Container

473 mL Container

The effect of 100% pure, heirloom chocolate from single source origins in Madagascar and Ecuador will open your heart and send you swooning. We double down on the amount of chocolate normally used and lovingly melt it into a rich, brute intensity that can only be described as a chocolate lover’s dream. Beware, this may lead to spontaneous moans and groans.



Organic Coconut Milk • Maple Syrup • Filtered Water • Organic Rice Syrup Solids • Organic Cacao Paste • Organic Cane Sugar • Roasted Cashews • Wildflower Honey • Organic Hemp Seeds • Organic Guar Gum • Organic Carob Bean Gum • Fleur de sel • Organic Chicory Fiber

May Contain: Other Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds