The magic of Umaluma comes from combining the finest organic ingredients available on this planet into gelato recipes that are out of this world.



Our Story


The magic of Umaluma started with the simple desire to create a super healthy, organic, non-dairy alternative to traditional Italian gelato — the yummy stuff that’s creamy, smooth and bursting with flavour. We set out on our adventure to select only the finest organic ingredients we could find and combine them in exactly the right way. It turns out we just might be on to something truly special.

People often ask what Umaluma means? The short answer is: it just sounds nice. We wanted a name that would not be associated with anything, but allow your imagination to run wild. To us, Umaluma stands for passion, goodness and bringing real flavour from all over the world to our taste buds every day. 



Our Values


We take an artisanal approach to making our gelato. Each recipe is made from scratch and hand prepared to perfection; from making our own nut mylks, to fresh squeezing organic orange juice and pressing our own espresso, we go the limit to ensure the best flavour and the highest quality possible. 

We believe that a successful business should be more than just a way to sell a product and generate profit. Umaluma strives to make its staff, suppliers and customers feel great, knowing that every scoop is ethically sourced, of the highest standard and spoon-lickingly tasty.



A New Challenge


Chef Sakamoto implored chef Fukui to share her methods. She said that she would only teach him the basics if he promised to bring the art of ramen abroad. He brought the proposition to his family, and his mother immediately urged him to go to Hong Kong.

The next week, Chef Sakamoto flew to the “Pearl City” and discovered that he felt more at home than ever. He knew that he could meld the umami flavors and smoky scents of Cantonese cuisine with the richness and nuances of ramen. He went back to Tokyo to learn from Chef Fukui, and with her blessing, returned to Hong Kong seven years later.